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Enhanced Therapy Solutions

Results-Driven Training Method

How do we train your organization to be able to bill so effectively? By optimizing your front and back office procedures in a way that works for you and your staff. 

ETS is a preferred Prompt Billing partner, meaning all account specialists are trained in Prompt specific billing practices to best accommodate your account and experience with your EMR. 

Consistent and Reliable Communication

We work around your organization's schedule and have the specialization to work with departments at each level. From improving front-end protocols and back-end billing procedures to provider specific billing optimization, we've got you covered. 

It's Time

Taking control of billing operations is the final piece of the puzzle to becoming an efficient, elite private practice.

If you were able to bring billing in-house, guaranteed the transition will go smoothly, and save money during the process. Would you do it? The time is now to take control of your practice.

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