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Sports Injury

Video Library for Prompt Users

Part of the most complicated part of understanding your reports is knowing what to look for in your data. These video logs are intended to show how to pull the reports most relevant for your Physical Therapy business on Prompt EMR.



a. Shows missed notes

b. Shows unchecked visits

c. Shows Discovery Visits

d. Shows Cancels

e. Filter this report by status


a. Control your credits coming in from collecting up-front

b. Balance your outstanding balances against current credits

c. Run Bi-weekly or Monthly depending on your statement process



a. This report is for owners and billers

b. Shows all claims needing attention

c. Claims without responses

d. Claims never billed to secondary

e. Current Aging of A/R by Type


a. Filter by 90+ to find delinquent values

b. Remove Insurance fields - keep summary and detail

c. Delimit Values in the Summary Tab to get an accounting format

d. Organize by location to ensure PCC's are collecting outstanding balances at the point of sale



a. Filter by lost patients

b. Shows a discharge list per location

c. How many patients were seen before loss

Collections Report


a. Used to Reconcile Bank to Prompt

b. Can be used for Daily Closeouts

c. Can be used to locate discrepancies between check and payment

d. Can identify front end collection errors

e. Ran monthly, daily, or weekly depending on operating procedures. 

Payer Mix.png

Revenue Report


a. Non-paid closed claims

b. Unposted Paid Claims

c. Hanging A/R 

d. All responses in the system over time

e. Best Checks/Balances Report for Owners

Claims Report


a. Identify underbilling of units per therapist
b. Therapist unit trends

c. Claims under a PTA

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