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Therapy Reporting Guide

What Reports should I be running for my therapy business to know if it's healthy or not?

Therapy Reports List

When managing an outpatient rehabilitative therapy clinic, there are a series of reports or data metrics your clinic should be reviewing each month. In every EMR or practice management software, the reports may have varying names but all EMR's should have these reporting functions to track/capture these important KPI's.

Operations Report

This report should show: Missed or delinquent therapy notes, unchecked in or lost patient visits, cancellations over a period of time. Should show active patients and how many visits they've completed over a period of time. Show show lost patients, or patients that have fallen off the schedule in their episode of care. 

Patient Credit Report

This report should be ran monthly with statement generation process. It shows active patient credits in your software. Running this report allows you to ensure the practice isn't over-collecting from patients and allows you to balance your credits against owed patient balances

Accounts Receivable Report

Treating A/R as two parts can be helpful when managing the practice. What is outstanding to insurance? What is outstanding to my patients? This is the most important report from a therapy billing perspective. It allows you to track and see any and all claims outstanding payment. 

Collections Report

A Collections Report should show you how much money your EMR has documented your practice has earned in a specific timeframe. This report should be ran monthly. It should be separated by insurance and patient payments and this report is used to reconcile your bank account to ensure there are no missing payments each month. 

Revenue Report

This report should show- unapplied payments, payments with low claim value, any claims that have been written off or adjusted over a period of time.

Detailed Charges

This is an important clinical report that shows a providers charges over a period of time. Specifically what codes are they billing insurance- how many units per visit on average? Performance over a period of time.

Detailed ERA

This report shows you what claims you're not receiving electronically though your clearinghouse. When you receive paper remittances it can slow the efficiency of your billing operations. This report should allow you to identify these payers quickly and help you file for an electronic remittance preference.

Unsigned Documents

This report is specifically for tracking unsigned Medicare plan of care documents. A Medicare plan of care document must be generated and signed 30 days from the initial evaluation and it must be signed by the referring provider within 30 days to stay compliant with Medicare. 

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