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Helpful Documents and Resources

Here are some helpful documents we use at our clinics: 

Standard Invoice template, can be used for FCE's or invoicing to outbound insurance companies or patients. 

Physical Therapy Benefit Verification Form- Have all PCC's call or verify benefits prior to starting care. 

Financial Hardship

A document to have your patients sign to prove financial hardship and authorize adjustments to their outstanding bills- 
Version 1
Version 2

Letter to send in conjunction with patient statements, formally informing patient that their account is delinquent and requires payment.

Track and manage PCC errors easily on any EMR to ensure proper training procedures are in place.

Use this sheet to train in new front desk staff on insurance protocols, helpful HIPAA guidelines and insurance etiquette.

Use this document for medical proxy requests. If someone other than the patient is attempting to gain access to patient medical records.

Workers Compensation and Auto claims checklist. 

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